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Residential & Commercial Properties

Maintenance Services

The Casilco Corporation provides a wide range of in house services pertaining to the leasing and maintenance of commercial and residential real estate.

From our painters, janitorial staff to our property management department, we maintain our properties more economically and efficiently than our competition.

The Casilco Corporation has competent and professional staff. Whether it’s leasehold improvements to existing offices or our renovations to apartments, we are able to accommodate our existing and new tenants with one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

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Maintenance Services

With our roots in agriculture, the Casilco Corporation is involved with the leasing and management of over 5,000 acres of Canada’s most productive farm land.

Located in the heart of Kent County, Canada’s most Southern point, our farm’s contain some of most fertile soil in North America, principally the ‘black muck’ which is high in organic matter.

Along with the production of corn and soybeans, our 3,500 heat units, proximity to water for irrigation, along with a long growing season enables us to grow crops such as onions, carrots, tomatoes and celery for the adjacent U.S. market.


Adriano Corsini
Vice President – Farm Management